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Computer Simulation  - Test Processes, Evaluate Mass Flows Energy Balances
Provides designers and operators with a computer based simulationof a biogas plant. This type of simulation model can be utilised to identify and remove costly bottlenecks that can emerge in a plant design before a plant is built.For designers & builders, this service can be used to both test and improve the potential efficiency of one or several site designs.
Process Diagnosis - involves on-line and realtime monitoring of an existing plant over several months. Operators are provided with and assessment of currentplant efficiency, existing process bottlenecks and insight regarding the potential to optimise biogas production from a process control standpoint, in terms of increasedgas production, reactor utilisation and process safeguarding.
Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS)
on-line measurements of ultra low biogas and bio-methane flows producedfrom the anaerobic digestion of any biological degradablesubstrate at the laboratory scale.
The AMPTS provides the following advantages:• On-line and real-time data logging of total biogas or bio-methane production and flow    rate• User friendly interface for real-time data display and analysis overview• High quality data for extracting process kinetic information• Easy and low maintenance• Half the cost per cell and double the number of cells in each standardised unit                compared to the nearest competitor on the market
BioGas Optimizer TM Software
Biogas OptimizerTM is a process diagnosis, decision supportand optimisation application built into one product.
The Process Diagnosis module allows for superiordata mining and plant-wide diagnosis capabilities,
The Process Optimizer module provides biogas producerswith a system for intelligent supervisory control of a biogasplant, protecting a biogas process from overload while allowing the maximum utilisation of digester capacity
• Advanced data-mining capabilities (advanced workflow and process efficiency               analysis)• Detailed process monitoring and diagnosis (cost efficient plant operation)• Potential for higher biogas production (better utilisation of digester capacity)• More even biogas production (maximise return on CHP or gas upgrading units)• Protection against process disturbances (early warning system with corrective action)• Faster start-up of bioreactors (up to 75% quicker start-up times)


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