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BRIGHTWATER BNR (Biologic Nutrient Removal System)

In watersheds and areas that are classified as impaired or under total maximum daily load situations (TMDL).

The Brightwater BNR in conjunction with the Brightwater IFAS system provides for:

De-nitrification to meet stringent Total Nitrogen effluent limits < 10 mg/l TN 
Biologic Phosphorus Removal to 2 mg/l TP

The Brightwater BNR unit consists of Three Zones:

A Mixing/Anoxic Zone with a Carbon source Dosing input
An Aerobic Zone
A Settlement Zone with Tubular Settlers for high surface area equivalent clarification 

Our firm provides equipment, integration , installation and start up services for the Brightwater IFAS and Brightwater BNR.

We can engage with you to coordinate permitting approvals with your Engineers and Regulators across the United States.

We have permitted and installed systems in Minnesota and received Best Available Control Technology review in Arizona. We will work with your team on accelerated approvals in other states.

We provide cost effective treatment solutions and pride ourselves in serving our customers

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